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OMG [Oct. 14th, 2005|09:23 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[Current Music |weezer/foo]

Weezer and Foo FIghters, quite possibly the greatest tour in a while! Oh, it was great. Rivers 5 feet away. wow, it was great!! i just wish that i had brought my camera :( but, i got =w= confetti!! nothing like a great rock & roll show! AND for the encore, the drummer from Queen came out and played a song with foo!! wow, great night. General admission is DEFIANTLY the way to go.....
Rivers was very, un-rivers like. he played two songs where he just walked around the stage not playing guitar.... and he talked to the crowd, and changed around lyrics. yeah, ive been to 3 weez concerts this year now, and this BY FAR was the best!!
1st: it was good, the music was great.... the crowd was totally into it. rivers said "hello NY." and that was it. rivers was dressed in a suit and tie, with his glasses.
2nd: a few more words were spoken, i think he might have worn a suit too.
3rd: it felt like a concert. rivers talked, let everyone else in the band take lead, and just sang. the crowd could have been better, but it was a huge crowd. now it was casual dress.....
Foo Fighters were awesome too!! THey just went from one song to the next. And Dave Grohl (Dr. G) was hilarious in between.
i'm weird i know it, but its just weird how one band can change so much in 3/4 months. oh well, i hope i can see them again this year, or next.

"Don't do drugs. Look at me, I don't do drugs! And I sold out the Super Duper Dome!"

"Dr. G is gonna give you an enema. I get paid to play rock and roll and shove it up your asses!"
Sweet...... and this afternoon i won tickets form PLJ to see Vertical Horizon at the China Club!
well, i'm going to bed now! dreaming of weezer and foo......