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another, stolen from heather [Sep. 26th, 2005|09:15 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]
[Current Music |incubus, priceless]

All About You
What is your name? stephanie
When were you born? 4/2/84
Where do you live? rahway
Are you male or female? female
How tall are you? 5'7"
What color hair do you have? blond
Is it your real hair color? If not, what is? some of it, dark blond
Do you have glasses/contacts? yes
What color are your eyes? hazel/green
If you are a male ... do you have any facial hair? ---
What is your ethnic background? irish/english/duth/czech
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no
If so ... what is their name? :(
If you don't, do you have a crush? sure
Are you or have you ever been in love? no
What is your religion? lutheran
Do you have any nicknames? yeah

McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds
chicken or beef: beef
dogs or cats: dogs
white chowder or red chowder: neither.
west coast or east coast: east coast
english or math: english
pants or shorts: depends
hoodies or sweatshirts: hoodies.
salty or sweet: sweet.
fluff or jelly: neither
summer or winter: summer
hot dogs or hambugers: burger
football or baseball: baseball
french fries or onion rings: french fries
contacts or glasses: contacts.
coffee or tea: tea
soda or juice: soda

When is the last time you ...
Talked on the phone? before
Laughed? today
Hugged someone? thursady
Kissed someone? i got a kiss on the cheek on thursday....
Told someone you loved them and meant it? --
Drove? today, and i got lost on Staten island
Ate? beofre
Danced? no clue
Rode a rollercoaster? geez, last summer
Went out to dinner? a while ago
Went to a concert? august i think
Swam in the ocean? 10 years ago
Bought yourself something new? last week
Worked? last thursday  :*(
Played a board game? no clue
Went to a party? aug. 20th
Saw your best friend? 9/16/05
Saw a shooting star? never
Got nervous/happy butterflies? yesterday

Do You ...
Like to cook? yup
Have any piercings? yup
How about tattoos? no
Do you drink? nope
Smoke? nope
Do drugs? nope
Have cable/satellite television? yes
Go to school? yes
Actually like school? sometimes
Like to read? yes
Like to play video games? yes
Eat vegetables? sure
Eat seafood? yeah
Have the ability to curl your tongue? yes
Like to shop? not really
Like to go to clubs? bars
Like to dress up? yes, i actually miss taht part of working
Do you or did you go to school dances? huh...yes?
Like your job (if you have one)? i did like it

Which one of your friends ...
Do you have the most memories with? mel.
Do you have the most in common with? ben
Is the loudest? melanie
Is the most attractive? everyone
Is the funniest? hmmm
Do you trust the most while in the car? ben
Do you trust the least while in the car? adam
Do you tell the most secrets to? mel
Has told you the most secrets? i guess mel
Makes you nervous? depends.
Has the biggest wardrobe? mel
Has the nicest car? ben
Is always late? adam i.
Is always happy? adam i. always seems happy
Is the most hyper? mel
Has the worst taste in the opposite sex? haha, hmmmm
Is the smartest? heather
Is the most photogenic? we all are a photogenic bunch
Has the best job? mel

1. Full Name (That doesn't include surname): Stephanie Lee 2. What Color pants are you wearing right now? Blue 3. What are you Listening to right now? WWE RAW (tv) 4. What was the Last thing you ate? Cookies and Cream Ice CReam 5. Do you wish on stars? Sometimes 6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be...? Pink 7. How's the Weather? Muggy/Rainy 8. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone... Ben 9. How old are you right now? 21 10. What is your Favorite drink... Diet Pepsi 11. What is your Favorite sport... Hockey 12. Do you wear contact lens? Yes 13. Do you have any Siblings- Yes 14. What is your Favorite month-- June 15. What is your favorite Favorite food- Pasta 16. What was the last Concert you attended- WEEZER 17. What is your Favorite Day of the year, Why? - Christmas 18. How do you vent anger? I scream 20. Summer or Winter - Summer 21. Hugs or Kisses - Hugs 22. Chocolate or Vanilla - Vanilla 23. Who do you live with? - Dad, Mom & Tom 24. When was the Last time you cried... Thurday at work 25. What did you do last night? DEVILS GAME!!! 26. Favorite smells - Outside, Fresh laundry 27. What inspires You? People 28. What are you afraid of? Dying, getting lost or left behind, getting kidnapped or raped or robbed, crowded elevators 29. Buttered or salted popcorn? Both 30. Number of keys on your key ring? 3 31. Favorite Car - VW Beatle 32. Favorite Movie? LOTR's 33. Favorite day of the week... Saturday 34. What did you do on your last birthday? Nothing 35. How many states/cities/countries have you lived in? 1 36. Occupation? College Student/Intern for life 37. If you are in college what do you want to do after? work for a hockey or baseball team 38. How many cars have you had and what was your first car? 3, '83 Camaro, '96 Jetta, '03 Jetta 39. 3 Favorite bands? Weezer, Dashboard Confessional, Gavin DeGraw 40. Best era (Music, Clothes etc.)? 90's